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Key strategies to ensure your herd’s health

“No Herd Left Behind: Ensuring Immunity Onset and Duration for Optimal Health”

When it comes to protecting our loved ones and belongings, we often invest in insurance policies, analyzing the risks we might need to prevent or anticipate, and considering the duration of necessary protection. A clear example of this is travel insurance. When planning a trip, we know the start date and anticipate coverage for the entire duration.

The same goes for when we are planning Health Strategies for our herds. We consider the diseases (risks) that might affect our animals and take appropriate preventive measures against them. For this, it’s crucial to determine when we need the protection to start and how long it should last.
Vaccines are our insurance policy against diseases. To be as effective and protective as we need and expect, there are two critical attributes to consider: the Onset of Immunity (OOI) and Duration of Immunity (DOI).

The OOI determines how long the immune system can reach protective antibody levels after vaccination. With OOI, we know when our insurance policy starts, but how long does the protection last? To answer that question, we need to talk about the DOI, which is the moment in time at which vaccine-induced immunity begins to decline and provides less protection for a fully vaccinated animal.

Both OOI and DOI are specific to each vaccine since they are related to its antigenic power and ability to generate and maintain an immune response over a certain period.


Immunity: The state of being immune, protected against an infectious disease conferred either by an immune response generated by immunization or previous infection.

This information is essential when designing an adequate Health Strategy for our herd. The induction of early protection is vital to prevent the spread of disease among susceptible animals, and the DOI helps us determine how long the herd will be protected, and whether a booster vaccination is needed.

Building a tailor-made health strategy for each farm, considering not only the risk assessment to prevent the main diseases that affect the herd but also the ability of vaccines to impact the immune system, is the best way to protect the animals and, in turn, their productivity. Furthermore, it allows the farmer to coordinate and organize his workload, and to schedule veterinary activities in advance.

This information is available for Aftogen Oleo® and Bioaftogen®, where several clinical trials demonstrate an onset of immunity as early as 7 days and a duration of immunity of at least 180 days in primary vaccinated animals, even after a single shot.

In summary, when planning the most accurate Health Strategy for your herd, the most important pillars to consider are the risk assessment, to know what we should prevent, as well as the OOI and DOI of the vaccines chosen for this task. This helps avoid periods without protection, aiming to improve the herd’s health.

In your journey against FMD, World-Class vaccines are your best insurance policy.



Meet Biogénesis Bagó in APVS 2023

We will accompany the 10th Asian Pig Veterinary Society (APVS) that will be held from July 30 to August 2 2023, in TICC Taipei, Taiwan.

Join us at our booth or during our symposium and oral presentation where you can meet our representatives and learn more about our contribution to animal health.

Ambassadors from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations visit

We were visited on our site in Garín, #Argentina, by the ambassadors from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations @ASEAN accredited in this country. 

Together with representatives of the #ChamberofAsia we toured the facilities where we currently have unique production and distribution capacities that allow us to provide our solutions to different countries around the world. During the meeting, representatives from #Thailand, #Malaysia, #Indonesia, #Vietnam and #Philippines were able to learn about the impact of our technologies for animal health in their countries. This encourages us to continue working together with the countries of #Asia to collaborate in improving livestock productivity and contribute to ensure the protection of the sanitary status.

#AnimalHealth #FMD

Thai delegation visit

We received the visit of a delegation from the Department of Livestock Development of Thailand, as well as representatives from the Bureau of Veterinary Biologics and the productive sector of the country, at our facilities in Garín, Argentina.

During their visit, we had the opportunity to share with them our expertise in the production of world-class vaccines against #FMD  , and our experience in managing animal health emergencies. We also discussed the global impact of this disease and the importance of preventing it.

This visit marked a significant step towards strengthening our partnership with the Thai market and reinforcing our commitment to the global prevention and control of FMD.     

Mark your calendar! And join us at VIV ASIA 2023.

From March 8th to 10th, we will be present at the complete feed to food event in Asia, dedicated to the world of livestock production, animal husbandry and all related sectors, from feed production, to farming, animal health and more.
Meet us at Booth 5041! – IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center.
On March 9th at 13:00 at Room Jupiter 10 – Don’t miss our Seminar about Biogénesis Bagó and our World-Class FMD Solutions!
Register at bit.ly/vivasia-2023

It´s Not All About the Strains

It´s Not All About the Strains

By: Juver Membrebe, Asia Technical Service and Regulatory Affairs Manager – Biogenesis Bago

There are many factors to consider if an FMD vaccine is “good.” Not only the quality of a highly purified FMD vaccine impacts on its safety and efficacy but also, it allows to differentiate infected from vaccinated animals (DIVA). In this article, let’s focus on another important piece of a high-quality FMD vaccine: the vaccine strain.

There is a popular concept that states that a high-quality vaccine must contain the latest strain isolated from the same country or region where the vaccine will be administered. But is that truly necessary? The answer to this question is: NO, it´s not!

So, what are the key points that need to be considered when we evaluate a vaccine strain? It is crucial to know the level of cross-protection that the vaccine can reach against the circulating virus in the region.
Where can we check this information? Some of the FMD vaccines in the market are continuously tested against the latest isolates in every region by tests performed by FMD World Reference Lab with the results published in their quarterly reports.
Also, there are more complex potency tests, that require vaccinated animals to be challenged with a virulent FMD virus; such as PD50 or PGP test.

However, vaccine strains are not alone in this war against viruses. It’s not all about the strain, it is also about how the vaccine is manufactured and formulated. For instance, the nature of the adjuvant will determine how long the immunity might last, production process will influence the safety of the vaccine and quality control points will make sure the product is good to market.

Let´s bring the example of well-known FMD vaccine strains such as O1 Campos. O1 Campos was first isolated back in 1958 in South America and later incorporated into several different products. Now, does it behave in the same way? Are all O1 Campos the same? NO!

O1 Campos Biogenesis Bago has been able to control FMD O serotype outbreaks all around the world for several years now. It is continuously challenged against the latest isolations and does not seize to amaze with its results. So, what makes Biogenesis Bago’s O1 Campos so special? It´s the whole package!


O1 Campos high potency vaccine heterologous neutralization titers against type O field isolates

For instance, back in 1997 in Taiwan, O1 Campos (Biogenesis Bago) was instrumental during the outbreak control until the country successfully regained its status of being free from FMD without vaccination in 2020. That means they were able to start exporting pork products again.

In Argentina, during the outbreaks of 2000, when the country was free without vaccination, Biogenesis Bago’s FMD vaccines helped control the outbreak within 11 months, with two vaccination rounds, delivering and administering 120 million doses in 6 months.

The situation in South Korea and Vietnam was different. Even with vaccination, controlling the disease was not an easy task. However, once Aftogen Oleo and Bioaftogen became available, there was a new and potent tool for fighting the disease. Currently, free of outbreaks, South Korea applied at WOAH to be a country free of FMD with vaccination.

And finally, just this year, Indonesia, Israel, and Palestine started using Biogenesis Bago’s vaccines to help control and prevent the further spread of FMD in their territories.

The data from FMD World Reference labs and actual field experiences across the globe support the broad cross-protection claim of O1 Campos of Biogenesis Bago. And, at the end of the day, in order to control and eradicate FMD, this is what we need: World- class vaccines with strains strong enough to offer real solutions to farmers, veterinarians and health authorities.

So, next time you have to choose a vaccine, remember, it´s not just about the strain; it´s everything else that comes with it: state-of-the-art manufacturing process, quality controls and certifications, proven experience around the world, and technical and scientific support. It´s about choosing a World-Class FMD Vaccine

Reference to: https://www.pigprogress.net/health-nutrition/health/its-not-all-about-the-strains/

Veterinarians’ favorite DIVA

What traditionally comes to your mind when you hear the word “DIVA”? Usually, one associates this term with great superstars. But the in the veterinary world we have our own DIVAs: Biogenesis Bago’s highly purified FMD vaccines, Aftogen Oleo (O1 Campos FMD vaccine) and Bioaftogen (O1 Campos, A24 Cruzeiro, and A2001 Argentina FMD vaccine), deserve to be recognized as such and let us tell you why you should care.

As a quick review: FMD virus creates two types of proteins, structural proteins (SP) and non-structural proteins (NSP). SP are responsible for inducing antibodies (Ab) for protective immunity (Ab-SP). On the other hand, NSP develop antibodies that are not related to protective immunity (Ab-NSP). FMD vaccines with excellent purification keep SP while removing NSP. Therefore, these FMD vaccines can be considered Differentiating Infected from Vaccinated Animals (DIVA) FMD vaccines. Still confused? Let’s have a deeper look.

Natural FMD infection The FMD virus replicates, creating thousands of copies of itself, including SP and NSP. The immune system will develop Ab against both proteins: Ab-SP and Ab-NSP.

Non-purified vaccine: When the FMDV infects the cells in the culture media, the virus replication also generates SP and NSP. An unpurified vaccine will incorporate SP and NSP; thus, vaccinated animals also develop Ab-SP and Ab-NSP.

It is impossible to differentiate between natural infection and a non-purified vaccine because both trigger the development of the same kind of antibodies.

Purified vaccine: During the manufacturing process, NSP and other impurities present in the culture media are removed through a high-technology purification method – keeping only SP. As a positive consequence, the immune system will only recognize and develop useful antibodies: Ab-SP.

“Purified vaccine is considered as marker vaccine. It allows you to differentiate between a naturally infected animal and vaccinated animal. This is what we call DIVA vaccine.

As a farmer, you might ask yourself, “Why should I care if the FMD vaccine I use is a DIVA vaccine or not? Both have the structural proteins anyway!” The truth is, you should care because there are a lot of benefits in using a DIVA FMD vaccine. Let´s see the reasons why:

    There are tons of FMD manufacturers globally, but not everyone has the manufacturing capability of Biogenesis Bago to develop and manufacture high-quality DIVA vaccines, which requires a specialized purification process to remove NSP and other impurities.
    Impurities in the vaccine can cause tremors or anaphylactic shock. A DIVA vaccine without NSP and impurities has an increased safety profile, thus avoiding these adverse effects.
    The FMD vaccine strain and formulation are responsible for the efficacy of an FMD vaccine. However, impurities can interfere with efficacy. When we eliminate impurities, the animals can focus in mounting a proper immune response.
    Proteases that destroy proteins (including SP, which are essential in mounting immune response) are also removed during the purification process making the vaccine more stable and able to last longer while maintaining its efficacy.
    If all farmers use DIVA vaccines, detected NSP antibodies should come only from natural infection. If there is no presence of Ab-NSP, the DIVA vaccine is working, and there is no FMD virus circulating. The country can apply and acquire FMD-free status. Brunei, the Philippines, Singapore, and Taiwan did this and are now FMD-free. This makes DIVA vaccines crucial in eliminating FMD.

Biogenesis Bago’s DIVA vaccines, Aftogen Oleo and Bioaftogen, are not only purified vaccines, but the O1 Campos, A24 Cruzeiro, and A2001 Argentina vaccine strains have been proven to have broad cross-protection against different FMDV field isolates and their unique formulation guarantees early generation of antibodies and long duration of immunity.

This type of world class products is a “must have” in every farm to guarantee the health of your herd.
Leave in the comments section your questions or other ideas why an FMD DIVA vaccine is a must-have product in your farm.

Reference to: https://www.pigprogress.net/health-nutrition/health/veterinarians-favourite-diva/

Welcome Gestavet to Biogénesis Bagó!

We continue to grow and provide more and better solutions for productivity and animal health around the world. Aligned with this goal,  we acquired the complete line of animal reproduction products from the Spanish laboratory HIPRA. This milestone allows us to enter the European market and reach 30 new countries, consolidating our presence in the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, and Latin America while becoming one of the global leaders in the reproduction segment for cattle, swine and small ruminants.

At Biogénesis Bagó we believe that the tools and technologies to favor animal reproduction are key in achieving efficient productive systems, better genetics, and high-quality products. Because of this we are committed to complementing our portfolio with new solutions, strengthening our global expansion in territories and species and continue to work towards the evolution of animal health.

Welcome gestavet to Biogenesisbago

#BioAdvances #AnimalReproduction #AnimalHealth

We received APQA authorities

Animal and plant quarantine: Agency of the Republic of Korea (APQA) visited our manufacturing site in Garin, Argentina.

We received a visit from authorities from the Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency of the Republic of Korea (APQA) at our manufacturing site in Argentina.

Together we toured the facilities and went over the bank’s operating procedures and security where we verified our production process complies with good manufacturing practices. In addition, the security of supply for the shipment of emergency vaccines to Korea was supervised.

At Biogenesis Bagó we are committed to continue working together with authorities around the world to provide quality solutions and tools for animal health, collaborating in the care of health emergencies and caring for the sanitary status of countries.

EUFMD Open Session 2022

We joined the European Commission for the control of Foot and Mouth Disease (@eufmd) in its Open Session 2022 (OS22), where we explored the challenges and opportunities offered by digital transformation and innovation applied to the prevention and control of FMD and similar transboundary diseases.

At @Biogénesis Bagó we talked with colleagues, academics and authorities about the importance of safe, effective and high-quality biotechnological solutions as tools for a rapid and effective emergency response.

At the same time, we presented our work, focused on the immunity achieved by our vaccines, their protection capacity against circulating strains in East and Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North Africa and an evaluation of the available tools for the detection of antibodies against structural proteins of the FMD virus.

We continue contributing with world-class solutions and services to the control and eradication of FMD worldwide.

Scan to more info:

Rabies vaccine Production

Vaccination, the most effective tool to prevent rabies ?

In order to meet the goal set by international organizations of reaching 2030 without rabies deaths, the implementation of vaccination campaigns around the world is essential.

At Biogénesis Bagó we are committed to collaborating in the prevention of this disease, through the production of a high-quality vaccine that meets the highest market standards.

#vaccination #prevention

Indonesia FMD Journey

After shipping vaccines to Indonesia, and as part of our contribution to the control and eradication of Foot and Mouth Disease worldwide, we met with the Indonesian Animal Health Directorate to present the advantages/benefits of using a world-class vaccine like AFTOGEN OLEO for the control of the FMD outbreak that this country is currently suffering.

At Biogenesis Bago we have more than 20 years of experience attending FMD emergencies around the world with our high quality, proven efficacy, and broad-spectrum protection to secure quick and long-lasting immunity for different species.

We strongly believe in supporting animal health authorities and farmers not only with our solutions but also sharing our knowledge and experience to maintain the sanitary status, and protecting their livestock


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