Biotechnological solutions as key in the prevention and management of FMD outbreaks

When we talk about a sanitary emergency, we are referring to the appearance or outbreak of a given disease in a place or region where it was not present previously. If we consider the global hyper-connectivity between regions, people, animals, and goods it’s not hard to see the current risk for different strains of microorganisms to re-emerge, circulate and transcend country borders has increased.

This context represents a risk that must be contemplated by the authorities responsible for maintaining the sanitary status of the countries, as well as members of the animal health industry, to implement programs that help prevent and control the outbreak of these diseases. A clear example of this is Foot and Mouth Disease. FMD, is a highly contagious and transboundary viral disease, which has the capacity to generate incursions into free countries or zones, generating new outbreaks that activate the sanitary emergency.

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